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Loch Leven Fisheries

  • Loch Leven Fisheries
There’s fly fishing in Scotland. And there’s fly fishing in Scotland for something truly unique. Only Loch Leven has its very own strain of brown trout - salmo levenensis. Although this renowned fish has been introduced to waters across the world, it interbreeds freely with native trout and its uniqueness is lost. So if you want to catch the genuine article, you have to visit Loch Leven which remains one of the world's most famous brown trout fisheries.

Although Loch Leven has, in the past, been stocked with the indiginous brown trout reared from eggs stripped from trout running its burns, and indeed for a relatively short period of a few years with rainbow trout, it has reverted to being a natural brown trout fishery which makes it extra special for anglers.

The Loch Leven Fisheries forms an integral part of the Green Hotel Golf & Leisure Resort, enabling guests and visiting anglers to fish for a

brown trout famed for its quality and fighting prowess. We have a fleet of 20 boats, the majority of which are 18 foot wooden clinker built boats which have graced the loch for well over a century. Very recently, we have augmented the fleet with a number of Coulam 16 boats, built to a similar clinker design but this time out of high quality GRP marine grade materials. Fishing is only permitted from these boats as there is no bank fishing permitted (primarily due to Loch Leven's designation as a National Nature Reserve with all the sensitivities that entails).